Leila Pinto Indian / American

In everything I do, I engage with full passion and energy. What is unique, however, is the path that brought me to create my art. It is the particular combination of my life experiences. As an immigrant to the U.S. and as a woman finance professional, my deep passion and my approach to art that makes me unique.

By telling stories through my art, I try to express my understanding of the events and to document and record that moment in time. While my financial career involves left brain thinking, my artistic influence is very right brain feeling and intuition-oriented.


In the case of world events, I contribute to the historical narrative through my response to those events, so it is a very personal form of expression. In the case of Brexit, for example, emotions have been very polarized – for or against. Through the black, white and shades of grey in my paintings I attempted to convey the anger, fear, sadness, apprehension and uncertainty about the future.


My paintings created during the pandemic were different because they were captured during a moment in time when there was considerable fear and uncertainty. The process of creating art and viewing art allows us to process and connect to a universal experience. When I retreat into my studio, I immerse myself in a very intuitive way. The act of turning inward to quiet my mind and reflect on the pulse of the external world is very nourishing and inspiring. Painting provides a feeling of calm and serenity during a time of chaos in the outside world.


Making art is a soulful process and brings me joy. Through sharing my art, I am grateful to tell my story. For every person who is inspired by my work, it brings me great joy. From ancient times, music art and other creative endeavors have been a powerful way to create community and to celebrate and heal. This is why it’s such a powerful medium for connecting us with each other.


Excerpt from the article 'From Wall Street into the Artist Studio' from Artsy Shark.