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High-quality, high-vibrational, inspirational art that fascinates and challenges perspective.

FineArt.Lease is an online art marketplace bringing you high-quality, high-vibrational art hand-selected from around the world.  FineArt.Lease seeks to be a conduit connecting people with excellent artwork, believing that art is a basic need and that people feel their best, and do their best, in beautiful spaces.  


We are also dedicated to providing affordable financial solutions when needed.  We are constantly seeking out partnerships that will make purchasing art more accessible and affordable.  Please check our financing page to see the options currently available in your country. 


We are delighted to work with you.  Our passion is connecting people with art that will bring them joy.  If you would like more information or perhaps some design advice, please contact us!  We'll be happy to speak with you.


An art lover and collector from an early age, Ashley moved to France from New York to work as director of a contemporary art gallery on the Côte d'Azur. Today she travels the world searching for art with soul, created with high-quality materials by artists who are dedicated to their craft.  Through her newsletter "Ashley's Choice", she presents a selection of artwork from both emerging and established artists. She seeks to shine the spotlight on artwork that inspires, uplifts, fascinates, and challenges perspective. 


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